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Member of the Month: December 2016


Date Posted December 01 2016

Our December Member of the Month is...

Tony Trimper!

Back in September, Tony shared his intention to reach an ambitious goal - to loose 35+ pounds - by his birthday in November. Over the 60 days that followed, Tony's been sharing updates, progress and challenges; Shane's been sharing tips and advice, and an entire community has followed and supported his journey the entire way. We had a chat with...

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Nova Scotia Weightlifting Championships 2016


Date Posted November 27 2016

The results are in! 

The Nova Scotia Championships were held at Blended Athletics on Saturday, November 26th and Rocky Lake had a strong representation with 7 lifters competing throughout the day.

Emma Dean got the day off to a great start setting 2 new Junior Provincial Records in the Snatch (54kg) and Total (122kg) and taking home a gold medal. Joining her in the first session was Jane Nicholson, who took home...

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Member of the Month: November 2016


Date Posted November 09 2016

Our Member of the Month for November is.... Borden Scott!

Borden joined Rocky Lake CrossFit at the beginning of 2016. In April, he and his wife Amy welcomed their daughter Daveney to the world. We checked in with Borden to see how he's keeping on top of his fitness along with all his other responsibilities as a Dad, a Pastor, and a husband to an entreprenurial wife!

What is your Age/occupation? 


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Behaviour, Expectations and Becoming An Athlete

Date Posted July 21 2016

I thought I would explain a few social behaviour I notice in our community in regard to classes and attendance and expections.


0 People Reserved - Class is cancelled automatically 2 hours before and the coach goes home.


1 Person Reserved - Class is put on. The coach is excited to work 1On1 with this athlete. Athlete cancels because he/she feels the coach doesn't want to spend time with 1...

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Murph Challenge 2016


Date Posted May 31 2016

The first time I ever did "Muprh" I was very into endurance training.  I enjoyed pushing my body to the limits, physically and mentally.  I had completed a couple marathons and that experience was very comparable to doing Murph Rx.  There is the possibilty of hitting the wall if you haven't trained, properly fueled your body and have a plan of attack.  

The one thing I like most about Murph is that you can spend...

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Why Choose Rocky Lake CrossFit Over Other Fitness Facilities?

Date Posted May 18 2016

Here are just a few reasons:

  • We are in the heart of Bedford. 
  • We have a private location with lots of parking.
  • We have the most affordable CrossFit memberships in HRM. 
  • We offer the most classes out of all CrossFit facilities on average per month. 
  • We are the strongest CrossFit community in Nova Scotia.
  • We consistently look for feedback about our services and...

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Date Posted May 12 2016

Written By:  Coach Lynch

I’ve been in sport for so long I sometimes forget that others have not.  I forget that not everyone has had that same exposure to teams, coaching, structure, goals, training and philosophies.  I forget that sometimes I need to more clearly articulate the expectations I have and requirements for athletes to deliver in order for me to want to spend time with them.



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The Clean Up

Date Posted April 15 2016

There is something about a clean space that allows you to focus.  Sometimes something as simple as a disorganized box can lead to a butterfly effect and send subsequent classes, days or even weeks, into chaos for the coach and thus the community! 

I've trained at a number of different boxes and I've always been amazed by habits of their members when it comes to keeping their space tidy.  Each member knows the...

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Member Of The Month: March 2016


Date Posted April 13 2016

March Member of the Month - Fay Gunter

With the closing of the open.  This one is coming at you guys a little late but we're proud to have Fay as the featured, member of the month for March.  Great work Fay!

1) How did you hear about RLC?

I first heard about RLC from my daughter who one day said she purchased a groupon for CrossFit.  Not being very in the know about what exactly CrossFit was...

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An Athlete’s Struggle To Connect and Learning To Change

Date Posted April 03 2016

Written by:  Coach Shane Lynch

When I was a kid my family moved from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia.  I had no friends, no connections.  I participated in Taekwon-Do as a blue belt at that point.

I remember going to Taekwon-Do for the first time in Nova Scotia.  I was very nervous.  I didn't know how to fit into the new culture, I was shy, having a hard time adjusting to the coaches style but I...

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Member Of The Month: January 2016


Date Posted February 16 2016


Kirsten Angus came to us at the end of October.  Her friend Cailin convinced her to give it a try and she hasn't looked back since.  In January she participated in her first CrossFit competition, the Blizzard Beatdown, and took the Gold!  

Kirsten came in with a strong gymnastics background and is looking to improve her lifting.  We had our amazing photographer, Giselle Davis, follow...

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Member Of The Month: December 2015


Date Posted January 02 2016

The "Member Of The Month" in December is Mike Milloy!  

Mike came to us a while back and is one of the Founding 50 Members.  He normally attends the morning classes and is always there to help motivate people.  He cares deeply about the CrossFit community and the community at Rocky Lake.  So much so that he approached me about coaching.  I couldn't have been happier and so after Mike completes...

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How To Stop Being So Damn Hungry!

Date Posted December 17 2015

There are two ways to stop being so hungry:  Eat until you are full (calorie surplus = get fatter) or eat more fat and less charbohydrates and be less fat.  It's that simple. 

When you limit your carbs to 50g or less a day and replace those carbohydrates with good fats from animals/meat, animal products and select plants (coconut, avocado, etc.) you'll get your calories from stored body fat and that's where...

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Nutrition:  Carbohydrates and why kale isn’t “The Shit”

Date Posted December 14 2015

I'm going to try to write more consistently about nutrition.  We have a Nutrition Coaching Program that we offer at the box so if you would like to have more personalized information that will help you acheive your goals, just hit me up before or after class!  

Today I'm writting about carbohydrates.  

We eat a lot of them because they are cheap and taste awesome!  We eat them as snacks,...

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Member Of The Month: November 2015


Date Posted December 02 2015

The member of the month for November is Emma Dean!  

For so many reasons but I think her accomplishment last month in the Nova Scotia Weightlifting Association's Provincial Championships should be recognized as a huge milestone for her and for Rocky Lake CrossFit as a community.  She placed 3rd in her weight division.  Liftinging a combined total of 101kg in Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  


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Not A Badge Of Honor

Date Posted November 22 2015

Tearing your hands shouldn't be a symbol of pride and accomplishment.  It just means you're off the bar for the next week. 

Tearing your hands in CrossFit is often treated as a badge of honor that means you’ve officially become a true CrossFitter.  It's not.  Tearing your hands is an injury and hinders your training and therefore your progress.  We don’t get excited...

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Member Of The Month: October 2015


Date Posted November 01 2015

Ticia O'Brien 


  • Age: 40
  • Occupation: Service Resolution Specialist | Manulife Financial
  • I’m the first point of contact for all Service Escalations for Plan Member Administration – Group Benefits
  • I’m responsible for developing and implementing sustainable solutions that address the root cause of each Service issue.
  • Essentially, I get to be a...

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The Key Is Insulin

Date Posted September 23 2015

When you eat shit like candy, bread, fruit, pasta or drink Coke/Pepsi the carbs in those turn into sugar (glucose), which in turn goes right into your blood!  Therefore when you eat carbs, your blood sugar rises.   

Your body thinks that the extra glucose in your blood is a poison and treats it that way.  The pancreas comes in to save the day by injecting insulin into the equation.  This hormone determines...

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About Our Culture - It’s Time For The Talk

Date Posted August 19 2015

I'm a coach, one of my responsibilities is protecting the box’s culture. What the heck am I talking about? Let me explain. First, we have to understand what “culutre” is. The culture in the box is a collective feeling of teamwork, enthusiasm, and work ethic. Some boxes have an incredibly strong culture. You can see it when you’ve trained in one of these places. You look around and notice things:


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Member Of The Month: June 2015


Date Posted July 07 2015

Tom Henneberry,  I remember his first day at RLC when he schooled some young whipper snipper during "Christine" in what should have been an open and easy community class.  He wasn't sure at the time if CrossFit was for him.  He said he would give it a try.  A couple months later his whole family are some of the most committed CFers at the box!  

Often times their boys can be seen patiently...

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Member Of The Month - April 2015


Date Posted May 09 2015

This one is a little late but with so many members now it's damn hard to choose just one!

This month the member of the month is a mother of 4 and a dedicated CrossFitter who not only finds the time in her schedule between her children's extra curricular activities but was also one of the most consistent members based on attendance in April. 

Theda always pushes herself during every workout....

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Rocky Lake CrossFit - Equinox Membership ($85+hst)

Date Posted April 17 2015

Spring is a time for growing, a time for renewal, and a time for taking your fitness to the next level in preparation for the summer!  The first day of spring, also known as the Equinox was a little while ago now but it's just now feeling like warmer weather is upon us.  

To celebrate the breaking of that dreaded Winter and to help you achieve your fitness goals Rocky Lake CrossFit wants to offer the...

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FREE 2 Week CrossFit Membership

Date Posted April 05 2015

March was a great month at Rocky Lake CrossFit.  We witnessed our community grow quickly with the Founding 50 promotion which recently came to an end.  We want to continue to grow our community and give people the opportunity to try CrossFit.  We are so confident in our coaches, our programming, our facility and especially our community that we are now offering new people a FREE 2 Week CrossFit Membership...

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Member Of The Month - March 2015


Date Posted March 31 2015

Every month we are going to feature a member of our community.  Our very first one is Katie Bellefontaine! 

Katie has been with us right from the beginning.  She is one of our most consistent members and biggest supporters!  She's constantly helping us out with shout outs on Facebook and Instagram (Nothing goes unnoticed, thank you!).  

Not only has she proven to be a strong athlete, she...

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Prepared For Anything

Date Posted March 18 2015

I love coaching people through constantly varied functional movements and doing it at a high intensity.  It's different then any other method of physical preparation because it's completely measurable and translates directly into everyday life and the physical challenges you may encounter.  

I know when someone hasn't done CrossFit before because they have no idea why it's important to measure fitness or they...

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I’ve CrossFit Since 4 Years Old

Date Posted February 26 2015

As a CrossFit Coach one of the first questions new and prospective members ask is, "How long have you been doing CrossFit?"  presumably because they want to learn from someone who has the experience and is qualified to successfully coach them.  They should be asking their coach this question and be satisfied with the answer.

Although we're a newly affiliated gym, my answer to that question is 20+ years....

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Athletic Performance March Break Camp

Date Posted February 17 2015

An exciting opportunity for the athlete looking for an additional and different training experience over March Break.

Offered March 16-20 from 8:30AM-2PM/ $60 (+HST) for the week

Snacks will be provided as well as water (bring your own water bottle). Athletes should bring appropriate exercise clothes for indoor and outdoor training and a lunch.

Athletes have been using CrossFit in addition to their sport-specific...

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Done Is better Than Perfect

Date Posted February 15 2015

Done Is Better Than Perfect.  

I hear that all the time from one of my mentors and it never really made sense until the night Rocky Lake CrossFit opened its doors.  I always thought to my self, "Why would you ever do something if you wern't going to do it perfectly?"  

We were two weeks out from our opening date and every hour that passed put a little more urgency into our efforts and tension between the...

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Opening February 9th!

Date Posted February 05 2015

It's been a journey with many ups and downs but Rocky Lake CrossFit is almost open to the community.  We welcome anyone and everyone to join us on February 9th for the Grand Opening.  We will start at 5:30pm and run until 8:00pm.  Expect to see a workout performed by local athletes, meet and chat with the coaches, have some tasty treats, participate in a draw for some swag and become part of...

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