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Done Is better Than Perfect

Date Posted February 15 2015

Done Is Better Than Perfect.  

I hear that all the time from one of my mentors and it never really made sense until the night Rocky Lake CrossFit opened its doors.  I always thought to my self, "Why would you ever do something if you wern't going to do it perfectly?"  

We were two weeks out from our opening date and every hour that passed put a little more urgency into our efforts and tension between the family members I had called on to help Rocky Lake CrossFit meet the Febuary 9th deadline.  I'm one of those people, once I say I'm going to do something that's it,  it has to be done.  Skip forward, the alarm goes off at 5:00am, opening day and I wake up with this panacked feeling I had not felt since my days writting finals in university.  I realized there laying in bed, looking at the celing, that time was up.  Unlike finals though, this was not going to be done.  Rocky Lake CrossFit was not going to be in perfect condition for the event.

At that moment I surrendered what I wanted to happen and focused on what could be done.  The sign for Rocky Lake CrossFit was put up two mintes before the first person arrived for the scheduled Grand Opening.  I looked around and realized what it all meant.  I was proud of the space, the plan and the people who helped.  Done is better because perfect doesn't exist.  We had opened the first and only CrossFit box in the area and people were flocking in to enjoy it, to network and spend the evening playing around in our box.

Rocky Lake CrossFit was done enough to open.  The rest would come in time.  Everyone, everything starts somewhere.  We're just happy to have started and be able to share CrossFit with our community.

Check us out! 


Shane Lynch, BPR
Owner - CrossFit Level 1 Instructor


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