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How To Stop Being So Damn Hungry!

Date Posted December 17 2015

There are two ways to stop being so hungry:  Eat until you are full (calorie surplus = get fatter) or eat more fat and less charbohydrates and be less fat.  It's that simple. 

When you limit your carbs to 50g or less a day and replace those carbohydrates with good fats from animals/meat, animal products and select plants (coconut, avocado, etc.) you'll get your calories from stored body fat and that's where hunger stops. 

Even if you're pretty lean you'll have enough stored body fat to support your caloric needs.  Cut some carbs, eat more fat and curb that appitite.  

Now... it can be more complicated, especially for athletes looking to improve performance on top of shape up or people with health issues.  Want to know more?  Want to know how to cut and perform?  Check out our Nutrition Coaching Program!

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