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I’ve CrossFit Since 4 Years Old

Date Posted February 26 2015

As a CrossFit Coach one of the first questions new and prospective members ask is, "How long have you been doing CrossFit?"  presumably because they want to learn from someone who has the experience and is qualified to successfully coach them.  They should be asking their coach this question and be satisfied with the answer.

Although we're a newly affiliated gym, my answer to that question is 20+ years.  I started Taekwon-Do when I was 4 years old and have been an active competitior my whole life and an instructor in one capacity or another since 2003.  For those not familiar with Taekwon-Do, the martial art utilizes almost entirely functional movements, which are performed at a high intensity when you are looking to compete at the world level as I have.  

Where I differ from most Taekwon-Do competitors and sport specific athletes in general is my complete lack of enthuiasm for repitive movements.  I get bored very easily!  I need to vary my workout and training environment constantly and so I had done that thoughout my career as a martial artist.  By definition I had been performing functional movements at a high intensity and constantly varying them.  I used, tought and preached the benifits of variance versus the traditional approach of repition, repition, repition.  

Though my own discovery I had incorporated a function of CrossFit methodology into my own sport before I even knew what it was called or would be called in time.  There is a time and a place to repitively drill motor functions in order to pefect a skill but if you are looking for a far superior broad, general and real fitness level while maintaining motivation you need to be doing CrossFit.

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