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Member Of The Month: December 2015


Date Posted January 02 2016

The "Member Of The Month" in December is Mike Milloy!  

Mike came to us a while back and is one of the Founding 50 Members.  He normally attends the morning classes and is always there to help motivate people.  He cares deeply about the CrossFit community and the community at Rocky Lake.  So much so that he approached me about coaching.  I couldn't have been happier and so after Mike completes his L1 next weekend he will begin to his transition from athlete to coach as part of the Rocky Lake CrossFit coaching team! 




We asked Mike a couple of questions to give you a sense about his journey in CF:



42, Economist / Policy Analyst


How and when did you discover CF?

Almost four years ago, a friend told me to try it out, saying it would kick my ass but I'd love it. He was right.


Fitness history prior to CF?

Recreational runner, ultimate frisbee, hockey. Periodically I'd hit the "gym" and pretend I was working out.


Has CF changed your view of fitness? How has CF impacted your lifestyle?

My view of fitness was always influenced by size and muscle mass. I never considered power or mobility as much of a factor until I became involved with CrossFit. Now I see things differently and gauge success by other measurements.

I can't say exactly how it's changed my lifestyle. Certainly dietary choices and focus on rest, whether it's taking a day off or making sure I'm getting enough sleep at night.


What do you enjoy most about CF?

The camaraderie and team atmosphere is incredible. Sharing in other people's successes and feeding off their support can make or break a workout. The focus on technique and fine-tuning individual results makes it different from any other form of fitness I've seen.


If you could program a WOD what would it look like?

First off, it would be a team or partner WOD. A little barbell, a little bodyweight, and maybe a run.


Least favourite WOD or movement?

Toes to bar are not my friend and at the moment, "Chelsea" is beating me down.


What would be your favourite healthy go to meal?/ favourite not so healthy indulgence ?

Spicy black bean burgers go with everything. Or nothing. They're the best. Not so healthy? Chips or chocolate.


What special moment at the box do you remember from December?

I remember the moment I decided I didn't hate rowing. That day a mile felt like forever going in, but I felt so good about it when I was done. Perceptions change!


Fitness goals for 2016?

Get my Level 1. Bar muscle ups, and reach my qualifying standards for the Canadian Weightlifting Association.


What advice would you give to someone wanting to try but is too nervous?

Come with a friend. Cheer each other on. If you can't find a friend to come with you, don't worry --- CrossFit will provide that soon enough.


Leave us with an interesting fact about you.

I love to cook. Right now we are in the process of completely remodeling our kitchen and I couldn't be more excited about this (apart from the cost).


Mike you are an awesome advaocate for our community and a valued member.  Keep it up! 

- Coach Shane

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