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Member Of The Month: January 2016


Date Posted February 16 2016


Kirsten Angus came to us at the end of October.  Her friend Cailin convinced her to give it a try and she hasn't looked back since.  In January she participated in her first CrossFit competition, the Blizzard Beatdown, and took the Gold!  

Kirsten came in with a strong gymnastics background and is looking to improve her lifting.  We had our amazing photographer, Giselle Davis, follow up with her.


Age, Occupation: 16, Grade 11 student at Charles P Allen high school in Bedford


1) How did you hear about RLC?

One of the members, Cailin Scollard, was the one to introduce me to RLC.  After quitting gymnastics, (and after a lot of convincing) she brought me to a class in August or September and I've been going ever since! 

2) What do you enjoy most about RLC?

RLC is such a friendly place and all of the coaches and people are so welcoming! 

3) Do you remember your first WOD? 

My first WOD was an EMOM (Every minute on the minute style workout) with burpees and it was horrible! I survived though. 

4) What is your favourite/least favourite movement/WOD?

My favourite movements would be handstand walking and pull ups and my least favourite would be wall balls, running and rowing. 

5) What are your crossfit and/or lifestyle goals? 

I really want to get un-banded muscles ups or ring muscles ups! 

6) Do you have any special moments related to RLC?

I competed in my first crossfit competition last weekend in Moncton, the Blizzard Beatdown. A special moment I remember at the box were all of the congratulations I got when getting back from the competition! Everyone was super nice! 

7) What advice would you give to someone wanting to try RLC but is too nervous?

Crossfit seems really scary at first but everything can be scaled and fitted to a person's individual fitness level, so give it a try!  Also think about joining with a friend - you won't regret it! 

8) Leave us with an interesting fact about you. 

Before doing crossfit I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years!



After posting this a little late this month, Kirsten accomplished her first muscle up on 02/15/16!

If you like hearing about our members please share this post and if you enjoy the photography please consider Giselle Davis for any of your photographic needs.  Keep it local! 

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