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Member Of The Month: March 2016


Date Posted April 13 2016

March Member of the Month - Fay Gunter

With the closing of the open.  This one is coming at you guys a little late but we're proud to have Fay as the featured, member of the month for March.  Great work Fay!

1) How did you hear about RLC?

I first heard about RLC from my daughter who one day said she purchased a groupon for CrossFit.  Not being very in the know about what exactly CrossFit was I said “that sounds like fun” sooo….she signed me up for a groupon as well.

2) What do you enjoy most about RLC?

I love the community, atmosphere, camaraderie, and challenge of CrossFit.


3) Do you remember the first day you walked into RLC? What were you thinking/feeling?

The first Fundamentals class that I went to will stay in my memory forever. Maggie, my daughter, and I walked in at the end of weightlifting or barbell class.  I thought OMG what am I doing here? – I’ll never be doing that for sure.  I looked around at the age of everyone there, and did a double OMG. Being a stubborn person, I thought, oh well I’m here, might as well make the best of it.  I felt totally intimidated for the first 3 or 4 classes.  After that I was too busy trying to figure out the moves and keep up to be concerned about anyone else.

4) Do you remember your first WOD? How did you do? Would you say you've progressed since that first day?

It took us a month to get through the Fundamental classes as we could only attend two per week.  The first WOD was way beyond what I was capable of, but Shane being a patient coach, kept reviewing movements and scaling things to my capability.  I have been a member of RLC for 4 months now and there is no comparison to that first class.  While I still have to be mindful of scaling some things, my strength and endurance is improving in leaps and bounds.

5) Were you active before RLC? Do you feel like RLC has changed your lifestyle in any way?

I’ve never belonged to a gym before but I have always practiced some type of fitness at home through videos.  I own an elliptical machine which I would run on for 30 minutes and did free weights so I wasn’t totally useless.  In the four months that I have been at RLC, my strength, endurance, and overall feeling of well-being is something that I have not felt in a long time.  Being 66 (soon to be 67), I have been blessed with good joints and although it takes me longer to loosen up and it has taken a lot of work and encouragement to get my hips to or below parallel, it finally seems to be happening on a regular basis.

6) What is your favourite/least favourite movement/WOD?

Before coming to RLC I had never done a burpee and, therefore, hated them.  I did an open workout during the holiday time when we had to do some ridiculous amount of burpees with a partner (my daughter got stuck with me) and I thought I would die.  Now, I no longer need to walk them out and while I don’t love them I can manage to do them as in 16.1.

7) What are your Crossfit and/or lifestyle goals?

My short term goal is to jump the 20” box.  I’m up to 19 ¼” but it still terrifies me.  That’s a huge improvement from my first impression which was “that isn’t happening any time soon – if ever”!    My long range goal is to continue with CrossFit, compete in the 2017 open and RX the workouts for Masters 60+.  I am a golfer and I am sure that the strength I have gained to date doing CrossFit will hold be me in good stead for competitions that I enter this season.


8) Do you have any special moments related to RLC?

One day my daughter and I were sitting at the dining table and we were all excited about having done a double under and it was all we had been talking about since that morning’s class.  My 10 year old granddaughter finally piped up and said she’d had enough - all we talked about lately is CrossFit.   

9) What advice would you give to someone wanting to try RLC but is too nervous?

Anyone who wants to try CrossFit should come to Fundamentals at RLC.  Convince a friend, partner, or parent to come with you.   RLC is a welcoming place, good coaches, and great supportive members.   Even with the age difference, I have been made to feel part of the box.  Every day that I’m off to class I look forward to what the workout and challenge is going to be that day. Each time I progress I am elated and can’t wait for the next milestone. Thanks to Shane and all RLCers.

*Photos and Interview coutesy of Giselle Davis.

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