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Member of the Month: November 2016


Date Posted November 09 2016

Our Member of the Month for November is.... Borden Scott!

Borden joined Rocky Lake CrossFit at the beginning of 2016. In April, he and his wife Amy welcomed their daughter Daveney to the world. We checked in with Borden to see how he's keeping on top of his fitness along with all his other responsibilities as a Dad, a Pastor, and a husband to an entreprenurial wife!

What is your Age/occupation? 

32, Pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Lower Sackville. 

How did you discover CrossFit? 

RL Member Tony Trimper, who is also a member of the Faith Baptist Church, invited me to a Community class. It was an eye-opening expereince when I crawled out of that class. I was in shape when I was younger but clearly not anymore. 

Fitness history prior to CrossFit?

I did a few things off and on - I practiced Tae Kwon Do and I was a paddling instuctor at summer camps.

Has CrossFit changed your view on fitness? How has CrossFit impacted your lifestyle? 

Feeling fitter and more physically confident opens me up to participating in more physical activities outside of the gym. I've discovered I like running and will do it on my own sometimes and I'm more likely to volunteer for things like rowing with another memeber who is trying to reach thier own fitness goal. I also feel like taking care of myself now is an investment in my future, and it's allowed me to make it part of my routine - something I can keep up on the long term. 

You're a new Dad - your daughter Daveney is just over 6 months old. How has that affected your pursuit of fitness?

I did miss a few weeks so coming back after that was a small hurdle and having her really keeps maintaing the routine important. The morning is the only time I have to work out so if she has been up all night, that workout comes awfully early!

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit?

Community and the results!

If you could program a WOD what would it look like?

I didn't think I liked running but it turns out I do! I think it would involve a long run.

Least favourite WOD or movement?

Handstand Push Ups - I haven't got those yet

What would be your healthy go to meal?/favourite not so healthy indulgence? 

Not so healthy: bread and cheese dip 

Healthy: chicken salad

Special moment at the box you remember from last 10 months?

Starting to pick up on my technique for weightlifting - it's really made a difference in the weight on the bar and I am seeing consistent progress. 

Fitness goal for 2016? 

Getting 2-3 movements that I can do Rx.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to try but is too nervous? 

People seem to think it is really competitve, but it's really been about just trying to get stronger than you were. There's really nothing to be nervous about. At some point you'll actually start to enjoy it and just want to get back!

Leave us with an interesting fact about you?

My wife runs a small family business making soap, so I spend a lot of time helping her with that - making it, packing it, selling it. We're at the Alderney Market every weekend and with the holiday season coming up, at a lot of the Christmas craft markets, too.

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