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Member Of The Month: October 2015


Date Posted November 01 2015

Ticia O'Brien 


  • Age: 40
  • Occupation: Service Resolution Specialist | Manulife Financial
  • I’m the first point of contact for all Service Escalations for Plan Member Administration – Group Benefits
  • I’m responsible for developing and implementing sustainable solutions that address the root cause of each Service issue.
  • Essentially, I get to be a detective and then put efficiencies in place to remediate the concern.  It’s actually very rewarding when you’re able to dissect an issue that seems so mysterious and then have if fixed. 











How and when did you discover CF?

I first heard of CF through a friend about a year and a half ago.  She mentioned it often and would always suggest that I try it.  We made a few attempts at contacting CF Exertion but weren’t able to coordinate a time to get into the box.  I was out with Janice who raved about RLC all evening…  She followed up the next day and by the end of the week my new CF life began! - May 29, 2015.


Fitness history prior to CF?

  • Youth Soccer
  • Competitive Gymnast – 4 years
  • Paddler - Cheema  5+ years
  • Competitive Summer Swimmer - 9 years
  • Swim Instructor – 3 years
  • Competitive Snowboarder - 3 years
  • Rugby – HRFC Winger, Fullback, Inside/Outside Center - 2 years
  • Runner - 8 years


Has CF changed your view of fitness? How has CF impacted your lifestyle?

I totally feel bias now, the experience I’ve had with CF so far has blinded me.  The concept of CF just makes sense to me.  I don’t have any experience with other CF establishments but I have a feeling that we’ve got something special at RLC that goes beyond fitness and is also an essential part of being successful.  You need that complement to excel - great coaching/programing and bonds with your box-mates.
Not that my lifestyle was absent of fitness before, I would run several times a week but it was never consistent and it was always a bit of a chore coordinating when we would run… then last winter happened!

I’ve always been very conscious of my food choices, especially since discovering and losing 20 lbs in 2002; but I’ve stepped it up even more since joining CF.   We totally have more energy and we have accomplished so many projects over the past number of months that would have normally taken us a year or two at our old pace.  Love that CF has got our whole family fit and having fun.


What do you enjoy most about CF?

There are so many things that I love about CF.  Of course the obvious that it gets results but I think it’s mostly the energy/vibe that I feel when I walk in the door every morning.  The connections I’ve made and the overall balance I’ve achieved since joining CF has far exceeded any other activity/program I’ve been involved in.  CF has made me well.  I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Depression when I was 24; I know that I will have to take medication for the rest of my life to maintain the appropriate levels in my body.  However, I have always known that exercise is a key to my wellness and CF has been the most effective way of maintaining my overall health to date.  The medical proof is that my dosages have decreased since joining CF and I attribute that to CF itself.


If you could program a wod what would it look like?

Oh dear, that’s a tough one… I need to learn more about how programing works! How about I just tell you what my favourite movements are…

  • Definitely HSPU
  • Clean & Jerks (my new fav movement!)
  • Running


Least favourite wod or movement?

Probably rowing… it’s definitely my weakness.  Need to work on that!


What would be your favourite healthy go to meal?/ favourite not so healthy indulgence ?

Go to meal: Veggie or chicken wrap (I do have some guilt about the wrap…) but the salad and the celery with hummus make up for it.  I eat this combo at least few times a week.

Indulgence: Montreal bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jelly (not jam!).  I could probably eat a homemade cookie once and a while too… the date cookies from Wellington Bakery are amazing.  And, Tiramisu is a fav if you can find it…  Afternoon or road-trip coffee, also a treat!


What special moment at the box do you remember from October?

That’s easy! PR’ing my BS for the BS challenge.  Also, Theda’s kick-up… it was awesome to experience that moment with her.

Fitness goals for 2015?

  • Mussel-up by Xmas 2015
  • Kipping Pull-ups
  • Deficit HSPU – Strict
  • 250 m Row – under 2 mins
  • 5k Run – 24 mins (my PR is 26:00 even)
  • Shoulder Press – 85 lbs by Xmas 2015
  • Oly… Oly… Oly…


What advice would you give to someone wanting to try but is too nervous?

Emphasize that everything can be scaled to that person’s individual fitness level and that it’s not all about weights.  The benefits of CF are limitless and I always tell them a few personal stories about how CF has enriched my life.


Leave us with an interesting fact about you.

After graduating from Saint Mary’s University with a Geography degree and working in the corporate world/transportation industry for close to 10 years I decided to change my career path completely and go back to school to become a Pastry Chef.  The first week of the Baking and Pastry Arts program I found out I was pregnant with McKenna.  I did my work placement with Craig Flinn at Chives Canadian Bistro (9 months pregnant). I was offered a job at the end of my work term.  I took 3 months off with McKenna then returned to Chives as their Pastry Chef.  I also studied voice for six years...  the odd occasion you may catch me performing – mostly campfire songs these days!

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