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Murph Challenge 2016


Date Posted May 31 2016

The first time I ever did "Muprh" I was very into endurance training.  I enjoyed pushing my body to the limits, physically and mentally.  I had completed a couple marathons and that experience was very comparable to doing Murph Rx.  There is the possibilty of hitting the wall if you haven't trained, properly fueled your body and have a plan of attack.  

The one thing I like most about Murph is that you can spend most of the workout next to someone, unlike a Marathon.  The suffering can be shared with those of your choosing.  There is somthing motivating and specail about Murph... about CrossFit.  

Almost everytime I tell poeple to do something in CrossFit, most are intimiadted and don't end up doing it.  Those that do never regret the decision and the same thing happened yesterday.  At a time when we needed an event to pull our community together, we (Rocky Lake CrossFit) made it happen.  

We had athletes do different versions of the Hero WOD, Brad and Emma killed it, Ian did it Rx, Catherine was there to support all day, Pat brought beer and cheered with Pattie, the weightlifters watched and cheered, people took pictures, gave high fives and we all signed the banner.  It was super fun! 

It was our first year as a host.  We will definitely be doing it next year and I hope we can grow the event.  It's a great cause.  

John Rudderham said to me, "You should read the description of the fallen soldier and how he died in combat to the group.  It would instill a sense of honor and pride."

I think he is right.  The workout is a lot easier when you have in your mind a purpose and motivation but I think we all did it this year with community in mind.  With recent changes and being a new box we are all working to find and build our identity as Rocky Lake.  Events like this, where we have the ability to come together and connect with people we might not normally train with help us develop relationships.  Next year when we are without a doubt the strongest community of CrossFit athletes in Nova Scotia, a family, we'll be ready to focus outwardly and properly honor the memory of Murph and many other heros. 

Thanks team for being part of yesterday.  I'll never forget how we came together for this cause for the first time as a community.

Coach Lynch

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