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Not A Badge Of Honor

Date Posted November 22 2015

Tearing your hands shouldn't be a symbol of pride and accomplishment.  It just means you're off the bar for the next week. 

Tearing your hands in CrossFit is often treated as a badge of honor that means you’ve officially become a true CrossFitter.  It's not.  Tearing your hands is an injury and hinders your training and therefore your progress.  We don’t get excited if we tweak our back or shoulder, so why would we be proud of this significant injry?  We don't teach people to do this.  We teach them to avoid it.

We need to stop doing this and fix the issue.  There are two reasons why it happens:

1. The most common reason we tear is from poor hand care followed by to much grip work.  When you look down at your hands and your callus has little flakes of dead skin or they are built up, you are primed for a rip.

You need to shave your hands!   Go to store and in the foot care aisle and pick up a callus shaver.  Honeslty,  who wants hands like that?

Use this as often or keep it in the shower.  It’s also a good idea to use a pumice stone daily as a preventative measure.

2. The other reason why hands rip is excessive use of chalk (This picture is a good example of too much damn chalk!).  Chalk is a necessary tool in the gym but you can use too much.  Here’s what happens: your hands get sweaty so you chalk up to dry them off, they get more sweaty and you add more chalk.  Eventually this sweat/chalk combo turns into a past that add friction to your hands and causes a rip.

Use less chalk!  Tons of chalk is bad for your health, it’s messy and causes injuries.

Next time your doing high rep gripping exercises try a little less chalk.  If you have super sweaty hands keep a towel close by and dry them off before you chalk up.  You’ll be surprised how good of a grip you can get with a dusting of chalk on a dry hand.  According to our attendance tacker, I watch 800 people workout a month and just by through experience I can tell you 9 times out of 10 the ones who ripped their hands are chalked up way to much!  I know... chalk is cool though and makes you look like a lifter or gymnast.

The bottom line is, take care of your hands and use only the chalk you need.  Torn hands are injured hands, and injuries prevent progress.

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