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Nutrition:  Carbohydrates and why kale isn’t “The Shit”

Date Posted December 14 2015

I'm going to try to write more consistently about nutrition.  We have a Nutrition Coaching Program that we offer at the box so if you would like to have more personalized information that will help you acheive your goals, just hit me up before or after class!  

Today I'm writting about carbohydrates.  

We eat a lot of them because they are cheap and taste awesome!  We eat them as snacks, main meals, during the holiday season and even drink them in sugary drinks or alcohol.  The worst ones are the refind sugar found in candy and cookies and then the carbs found in white bread and fancy pastries.  These send your blood glucose levels through the roof and they do it as soon as you eat them.  If your body was burning fat before you ate them, they just jacked up your insulin levels and put a stop to any fat buring.  :( 

The so called "good-carbs" are the natural ones like fruit, vegetables and whole grains.  They are complex because the carbs are attached to plant fiber and take longer to break down into glucose so there is a smaller and delayed increase in bloods sugar and insulin levels and fat-making.  

It's easy to avoid the worst carbs, but the good carbs even more dangerous because they trick you!  You eat them with abandon because you've been told they are good for you.  Here is the truth:  The banana and orange juice you eat before your workout is doing more to keep you fat than that quality street and bag of chips you don't go near.  

The best option are greens like kale, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, etc.  That is because the have these things in common:

  • They are mostly water
  • They are low in sugar
  • What little sugar they do have is bound up in cellulose, so it's not completly digestable

Cellulose is the structural part of the plant.  It keeps leaves the shape they are.  Getting all the nutrients out of celluslose requires us to break down the cellulose but that requres an enzyme we (people) don't have. The nutrients in the plant are also locked away in the cellulouse so it doesn't really matter about the high vitamin and nutrient content of kale... we can't access all of it.  Simply put, eating a lot of kale is like eating an undissolvable vitamin and mineral pill.  When the nutrients in food are identified in a lab this is an artifical simulation and it is complete but when you eat kale, your body says, "What the hell are you doing?!  I can't digest this shit!" then tosses it out the back door as fast as possible.  

Eating refind carbs are like eating a carbohydrate capsul covered in a suagr coating that breaks down immedialy and instantly triggers a flood of surgar to your giestive system that makes you fat, hungry and lazy.  

Choose green and don't consume to much. 

How much you say?  

Inquire about our Nutrition Coaching Program which would outline everything you need to know!

  • Macro Nutrient Suggestions
  • Nutrition Timing 
  • Weight Loss/Gain
  • Personalize Programming
  • Goal Setting
  • Food Log Analysis 
  • Daily Guidance from A Qualified & Experience Coach
  • Coaching Resources
  • Question and Answer Periods 
  • Monthly Evaluations 

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