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Prepared For Anything

Date Posted March 18 2015

I love coaching people through constantly varied functional movements and doing it at a high intensity.  It's different then any other method of physical preparation because it's completely measurable and translates directly into everyday life and the physical challenges you may encounter.  

I know when someone hasn't done CrossFit before because they have no idea why it's important to measure fitness or they think that measuring fitness is in and of itself the end game.  It could be I suppose but I want to see it benefit you outside the box as well as in.  

Recently one of our members commented how a couple days ago she was preparing a fire at home and she could grip a log she couldn't before and it made that task easier.  Little things like that is what I'm hoping to see happen through training and working hard.  Being able to handle life's physical challenges may seem trivial when you are a 20 something year old athlete in his or her prime but for the majority of Canadians and especially Nova Scotians, who are not super conditioned athletes, that isn't the case.  

Just today during the storm I was heading back from the box shocked by how much snow had accumulated.  I am a 20 something conditioned athlete and I was dreading the amount of shoveling that had to be done to even clear the steps let alone get out of the driveway.  This was the worst storm of the year as many posts on Facebook clearly showcase. 

My next door neighbor is a 60 year old man who's in decent physical condition and the one next to him is 65 and severely deconditioned.  Without my help or the help of some other physically fit person both of my neighbors would have been stuck in their homes for days if not longer.  Now, being stuck in your house isn't the end of the world, unless there's an emergency but it's still a situation that could be made incredibly less frustrating or less dangerous with even minimal amounts of general physical preparedness.  

It strikes me on days like today that we don't live in a world we can control with thermostats, air conditioners and remote controls.  That is very much an elusion and the problem is compounded by the fact that it's hard for us to believe that our health will slip away some day.

CrossFit - Functional movements which are constantly varied and performed at a high intensity has become the most important tool you can use to prepare yourself for life’s challenges.  We should all have a level of general physical preparedness for unpredictable situations like today.  Who knows what kind of trouble you could encounter.  

I feel I have succeed more so as a coach when I know my athletes are not only prepared for the predictable challenges in the box or in their sport but even more so when they are prepared for the unpredictability of life. 


Written by: Coach Lynch

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