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The Clean Up

Date Posted April 15 2016

There is something about a clean space that allows you to focus.  Sometimes something as simple as a disorganized box can lead to a butterfly effect and send subsequent classes, days or even weeks, into chaos for the coach and thus the community! 

I've trained at a number of different boxes and I've always been amazed by habits of their members when it comes to keeping their space tidy.  Each member knows the list and leaves the box just a little bit better then when they came in.  They pay it forwad to the next class.  

At our box we're working now on developing stronger habit of respect for space, for the coach and for other athletes.  

This starts in very small and incremental steps.  The first for us is learning where to put things.  Here is a checklist you can use at the end of each class!

The Clean Up:

  1. All boxes in the back and stacked on the 24'' side. 
  2. Plates stacked perfectly and in order of weight. 
  3. Kettlebells against the ball and in order from lightest to heaviest. 
  4. Rowers on the new side and facing the bay door. 
  5. Clips in the bucket. 
  6. Dumbells stacked in a pyramid - heaviest on bottom. 
  7. Push the mats back together. 
  8. Bands, put back on hangers and with like colors. 

On top of those things, keeping chalk in the bucket and wiping down any equipment you use would be helpful (especially if you have bled). 

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