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The Key Is Insulin

Date Posted September 23 2015

When you eat shit like candy, bread, fruit, pasta or drink Coke/Pepsi the carbs in those turn into sugar (glucose), which in turn goes right into your blood!  Therefore when you eat carbs, your blood sugar rises.   

Your body thinks that the extra glucose in your blood is a poison and treats it that way.  The pancreas comes in to save the day by injecting insulin into the equation.  This hormone determines where you get your energy from or more importantly to those with weight goals... what you burn for calories.  When there is insulin in your system you burn the sugar you ate and not the fat on your body.  Not good! 

The crappy things about insulin:

  • Turns calories into fat... even the calories from the fat free things you eat! 
  • Insulin stores fat wherever you tend to pack it on.  Belly, back, sides, hips, thighs. 
  • Prevents your body from using fat as fuel.
  • Keeps you hungry.
  • Makes you want more of the carb that started the whole process.

Worse yet, insulin is the main causes for some of the diseases we live with on a daily basis (Diabetes). 

Stop eating carbs.  Not fat, not protein... carbs! 

Challenge:  Try to make one meal a day low carb or better yet, carb free! 

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