Bedford Days: CrossFit & Barbells on the Waterfront, July 2nd


Mike is The Motivator.  When he's in class he keeps the ball rolling, if you need that extra push or encouragement at the end.  

- Rocky Lake CrossFit

Mike Milloy

When you're young, you get your physical activity in everything you do. Team sports, university activities, and working out at the gym. 

I had tried it all. In my 30s I began running. I liked it. It kept me reasonably fit and feeling healthy. But it didn't do much for making me feel strong. Attending the gym wasn't cutting it. I spent way too much time on the treadmill and not enough time knowing what I was doing when it came to strength training. In short, it wasn't working.

Three and a half years ago I tried Crossfit. My brother in law had talked about it and said it would kick my ass but I'd like it. Two weeks of on-ramp sessions challenged me in a way that "going to the gym" never did. I persevered and started attending Crossfit classes regularly, and my body adjusted to the work / rest cycle and I felt stronger. WAY stronger. 

But what kept me coming back goes beyond the workout. The Crossfit community: the coaches and the fellow athletes quickly form a bond. Dedicated coaches make all the difference. The strength and support that Crossfit provides is unlike any other physical fitness regime has ever shown me. It gets into your blood. It can change your lifestyle. 

So almost four years later, I'm still embedded in the global crossfit community. I attend competitions, I cheer on my fellow athletes and celebrate their successes, and I'm more motivated than ever to enhance my skill set, maintain my progress, and continue to set personal records. The side effect, to me, is being able to get older without losing my ability that lets me do whatever I want to do, for as long as I want to do it. 

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