Bedford Days: CrossFit & Barbells on the Waterfront, July 2nd


Bedford Days: CrossFit & Barbells on the Waterfront, July 2nd

Date Posted June 16 2017



Rocky Lake Barbell hosts a CrossFit workout designed for everyone! Come sweat a little, then watch a mini CrossFit competition followed by a weightlifting! The amazing community and coaches at RLB helps athletes of every level achieve fitness that changes their lives!


A fitness experience and demonstration with Rocky Lake Barbell, Canada’s only certified Catalyst Weightlifting facility. Come try Crossfit with our Catalyst Weightlifting Certified coaches and our CrossFit Level 1 Trainers. 



Our Bedford Days event will be in 3 exciting parts:


1. Bedford Days Community CrossFit Experience

If you’ve always wondered about CrossFit, now you get to try it out in our community crossFit workout for all fitness levels! You’ll start with a warm-up and some instruction on technique for our “Workout of the Day”. It’s Canada’s 150th and Bedford Days’ 40th, so expect some play on these themes! Then you’ll take part in a multi-part workout designed for beginners and experienced athletes alike. You’ll learn first-hand what the functional fitness of CrossFit has to offer under the watchful eye of our coaching team.



2. Rocky Lake Barbell CrossFit Showdown

Some of our members will then compete in a brief mini CrossFit showdown to put some of the fitness they’ve achieved to the test, some in just a few short months.


3. Olympic Weightlifting Demonstration

Rocky Lake Barbell will then showcase their skills with a demonstration Olympic Weightlifting techniques, including demonstrations from:

Issac Smith, Nova Scotia, Ranked #1 in the province

Allison Dube, Nova Scotia, One of the top 10 females in the province

Quinn Everett, Nova Scotia, Ranked #2 in the province 

Cailin Scollard, Nova Scotia, Ranksed #2 junior female in the province

Calem Bennett, Nova Scotia, Our youngest team member (13 years old)

Vance Buchanan, Nova Scotia, Masters (35+ years old) provincially ranked Weightlifter 

Come meet some of the CrossFit and Weightlifting coaches that help our athletes reach new levels of fitness in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and experience the amazing community at Rocky Lake Barbell.


Waiver for your Bedford Days CrossFit workout:

Exercise with caution. The workout will be designed for athletes of all levels, but please consult your doctor before trying a new exercise program. All participants in the community workout will be required to complete our waiver form, which you can sign on site or print from the link below. 

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